The Garden is a Toronto-based advertising and strategy agency. Like most agencies, redesigning their own website was difficult to get to while busy servicing clients. And unlike most agencies, they didn't want the normal self-aggrandizing site. Instead, like all the work they do, opted to focus on the end user and prove their business category expertise as directly as possible.
At the same time, this was an exploratory exercise in helping their own brand grow up. Their thinking, writing, and work is sophisticated and smart, so the way they present themselves needed to match. The new site shows that they take the work seriously, but not themselves.

Agency: The Garden Collective
Creative Lead: Shane Ogilvie
Strategy Lead: Shari Walzcak
Design: Jon MacArthur
Project Cultivator: Mike Kovacs
Motion Design (Gnome & Bubbles): Pawel Rockicki
Photography & Video: Clay Stang & Jamie Morren
Developer: Darrin Patey

Launching Soon...
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