Campaign Summary
Pancreatic Cancer will soon be the world's deadliest cancer. It kills 95% of those effected, and still, they're almost last place in funding. Haven't heard of it before? Neither had we, and that's why Pancreatic Cancer Canada came to us needing a bold campaign to put them on the map.

The pancreas is the organ that nobody talks about. It's shape also resembles another organ we don't talk about in polite society – and that was our 'in'. We created an unapologetic misdirect campaign to command attention, and once we had it, educate on the severity of the disease. Our pancreas visual was served up on YouTube and social media, OOH, and print. All pushing to a campaign site where you could dive deeper into other assumptions people make about the disease, and see the human stories behind this deadly disease.

Agency: The&Partnership
Associate Creative Directors: Jon MacArthur, Ed Malyon
Deputy ECD: James Sadler
3D Artist: David Turfitt
Editing/Online – Pixelated Pancreas: Cycle Media
Editing/Online – Human Stories: Post Pro Media  
Music/Sound Design: Murmur​​​​​​​

2018 RGD So(cial) Good Design Awards – Non Profit, Client-Initiated
:30 YouTube Pre-Roll
2:00 Web Film
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