Project Overview
Rumours of this product had been floating around the internet for some time, but most people thought it was a hoax.
We set out to make a gritty, rock'n'roll-feeling site that shows off the craft put into the fridges features and authentic parts, while staying true to the Marshall brand. Edginess and authenticity gave consumers exactly what they needed to make the purchase.

(no longer live)

Agency: Proximity Canada
Art Director: Jon MacArthur
Copywriter: Ed Malyon
ACD: Trent Thompson
Video/Photography: Brought To You By

We created a full-screen, scalable HTML 5 video background for the homepage experience. The fridge crashes in from out-of-frame, cracking the concrete below to announce that it has arrived.

The Rocker Switch
To add some fun interactivity to the site, we incorporated the rocker switch from Marshall Amps into site experience. Toggle the switch on any page for a "on" of "off" browsing experience. The switch changes the images, CSS, and background.

Checkout Process – Order Confirmation
We've also redesigned the checkout process to match the new look of the site. The e-commerce platform is Shopify, which doesn't leave much room for design flexibility.

Checkout Process – Thank You Page
This is the order confirmation page. At this point in the experience you're probably pleased that some heavy metal is heading your way, that's why we included some social posts to help the customer brag a little bit.
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